Gearz 1.0 is an easy-to-play puzzle game that will entertain you for a while
3.5  (8 votes)
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Gearz 1.0 is a particular puzzle game. You will have to select gears and drop them in a board as it keeps on moving forward towards the goal. You will have gears of different colors and sizes, each gear will give you a different amount of points. Some will let you now how many points you will get and some will not. Once you have picked up the gear, the game will indicate you where you can place it. You will have to drop them on the marked spots and then you will be able to choose another gear and drop it again until you get to the final spot in the goal. As you keep on dropping the gears you will notice that there are some objects on the board, you will have to touch them with your gears to get more points. The game is really easy to use, it gets so easy that you wonder how it could get any easier. It's funny at the beginning but very easy. As you keep on passing levels the spots where you can drop the gears are reduced, so it gets a little tougher and more difficult. The game has nice music and sound effects, but if you do not like either of the sounds you can shut them up in the game's options menu. The game can be played in the full screen mode or in a little window.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It has nice graphics
  • You can save your progress and record your scores


  • It is too easy at the beginning so you get a little bored
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